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ToMMo Supercomputer System

The largest supercomputer system used in the fields of life science in Japan is an indispensable infrastructure for the genome cohort project in ToMMo. Its primary role—complementary to the ToMMo biobank that stores millions of biological samples—is to store thousands of whole genome sequence data (more than 100 terabase) and the medical data from hundreds of thousands of participants. Its other role is to analyze whole genome sequence data to discover genetic differences among the Japanese population, and to find risk factors in genome and lifestyle by combining genomic and medical data in order to reach the ultimate goal of personalized preventive medicine.

Outline of ToMMo Supercomputer System is here.

Role of ToMMo Supercomputer System

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To those who wish to use ToMMo Supercomputer System

Those who do the researcher and joint research of ToMMo.
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